Day 1

Time Identity 1 Measuring gains 1
9:00 Dawson – ‘Because it’s far far away’: Constructing identities during periods of sociocultural/linguistic transition Yeh – Pragmatic Competence in Interaction: Study-Abroad Context
9:30 Du – Study abroad in China: A case study of ethnic Chinese and African American college students Cancelled, cannot attend – Garcia-Amaya – Innovating methodological practices in study abroad research: New tools for tracking language use during the study abroad experience
10:00 Thomas – Race, color, and language in the ownership of Swahili by Ghanaian learners in Tanzania Martinez – Language outcomes assessment in a study abroad program: Two important objectives of any evaluation of any study abroad program
10:30 BREAK
Time Identity 2 Measuring gains 2
11:00 Ecke – Perception of host and own cultures and intercultural competence in seven generations of short-term study abroad students Cutrone & Imamura – Examining the Effects of Study Abroad on the Listenership of Japanese EFL University Students
11:30 Misfeldt & Plews – Re-Entry? No Entry? After Coming Home to Canada from Germany
Magliacane & Howard – Learner status and linguistic development during study abroad:
A comparison of socio-pragmatic development among university students and au-pairs in a home-stay context
12:00 Durr & Fletcher – Effects of Cross-Cultural Immersion and Cultural Competence Facilitation Strategies on Speech-Language Pathology Students
12:30 LUNCH
Time Communities of practice Interaction outside of the classroom
2:00 Edwards – The Effect of Communities of Practice on L2 Acquisition During Study Abroad Trentman – Promoting Out-of-Class Interactions in Short-Term Study Abroad
2:30 Quan – The Case of Three Learners in Spain: Investment, communities of practice, and L2 oral fluency development Surtees – Friends don’t correct friends: L2 peer perspectives on their role in study abroad (SA) language learning
3:00 Rice in Country programs: Description and information
Bustamante – Introduction
Ozaki – Language pledge
Yeh – Host families
Turi – Service and curriculum
Emami – Language partners
Abad – Language for medical purposes
3:30 BREAK
3:45 Discussion: Bringing together study abroad research and programmatic design and expectations
4:45 BREAK
5:00 Plenary: Tracy-Ventura
6:00 – 8:00 Poster session & reception
Cuisinier & Dizgun – “This trip has changed my life!” Active learning strategies on short-term study abroad programs
Kong, Bower & Kannel – Globalization in China: Developing language and cultural understanding through study abroad
Dietrich – Current trends in study abroad research
Yao – The effect of study- abroad experience on second language morphological processing

Day 2

Time Identity 3 Measuring gains 3
9:00 Rakhshandehroo – A mixed-methods investigation of the language environment of Iranian students on English-taught programs in Japanese universities Moved from Day 1, Measuring Gains – Czerwionka – Evaluatives during study abroad: Linguistic and intercultural competence development
9:30 Diao – Doing Anti-Racism through Mandarin: A Muslim Student in China Shively – “¡Qué horror!”: Development of assessments in L2 Spanish during study abroad
10:00 Moved from Session 5 – McGregor, J. – The researcher’s experience in study abroad: An autoethnographic reconstruction Cancelled, cannot attend – Hussain & Hynes – Internationalization: Encouraging International Student Mobility (ISM) in the UK Kimura – “Beyond the native-speaker model in study abroad: An in-depth qualitative inquiry of Japanese college students learning to use English as a lingua franca in Thailand”
10:30 BREAK
Time Identity 4 (will be in same room as Measuring Gains 3) Methodology (will be in same room as Identity 3)
11:00 Compiegne – The Role of Social Media in Second Language Identity Development in Study Abroad Moved from Session 4 – McMeekin – NS-NNS interaction in a study abroad setting: Communication strategies, word searches, and intersubjectivity
11:30 Dressler & Dressler – The Methodological Challenges of Using Facebook to Research Study Abroad Isabelli & Lafford – The Nature and Assessment of the Study Abroad (SA) Classroom & the Facilitation of Effective SA Programs
12:00 Negueruela – The Transformative Experience: Promoting Civic Engagement in a Study Abroad Context Plews & Misfeldt – Language learning journals in the context of study abroad learning and research: What they can tell us about students’ language awareness and development
12:30 LUNCH
Time Language partners Fluency
2:00 Kuriscak – Cross-Cultural Conversation Partnerships and Students’ Linguistic and Cultural Growth while Abroad Huensch et al – Variables affecting the maintenance of L2 fluency post-study abroad in the short and long term
2:30 Wang & Yang – A Case Study of the Practice of Language Partners in an American Study-Abroad Program in Beijing Shi – A Longitudinal Study of Speaking Gains: The Dynamic System Perspective
3:00 Rice in Country programs: Outcomes
Abad – Rice-in-Spain, Pamplona: Advancing interactional skills for doctor-patient communication
Turi – Trends in language gains: Rice-in-Argentina
Kley – Interactional development during studyabroad in Germany: A case study White – Students’ perceptions of language use and interaction while abroad
3:30 BREAK
3:45 Discussion: The future of study abroad research — what needs to be done?
4:45 BREAK
5:00 Plenary: Kinginger
6:00 – 10:00 Conference dinner (6-10)